Lust Exchange System
72 Taboo Warning
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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72 Taboo Warning

Rat with his semi-human form or how he normally looks was clearly filled with circular bruises and riddled with bullet holes. Aster had no time to care for that as he dissipated every blood created by his Blood Creation.

The multitude of bullets along with all the other weaponized blood formations disappeared. The spike on Rat's head disappeared and left behind a gruesome whole on where his eyes are supposed to be.

'The nicotine is really stinking up the place and I would really have long died if not for this makeshift mana veil.' Aster commented as he surveyed the destroyed and completely reformed interior of the factory. It would remain a mystery with how the old factory survived the fight inside with only a few walls suffering damage. 'Maybe it was the muscular guy's earth stuff or it is simply the underlying sturdiness of its structure.'

With a Space Skip, Aster got out of there and not by the roof like he previously did but by bypassing the side walls. He just had to find the right direction and his sneaky or over the top roof travels would make him reach his destination in relative ease.

The little trip on the city roofs just made him realize the grand landscape of the city. It was smaller than the imperial capital of Skyfire, where he spent his childhood in, but he never thought that a single city would span such a huge landscape. It also goes to show that the world is truly as mysteriously endless as they say.

Surrounded by a circular wall, the direction he was headed into was the biggest gap on the city walls and that would be virtue of the barrier of Creed Academy that should hopefully be enough to fend off an unwanted beast tide or something like that.

An unnecessary count of teleportations later, Aster eventually reached and stepped into the familiar bermudagrass of his house. "Hopefully that Glenn guy can wait because I literally stink of cigarette and blood at this moment."

With quick work of his space skill, he got into a bathroom of an unused room and took his quick bath and get rid of potential problems that could negatively impact his body's immunities and drop his character towards a new person he is about to meet.

The house has a good plumbing system that is another virtue of an expensive magic formation that lets metal pipes just seemingly and unceasingly flow water.

Under the shower of water, Aster's naked body was submerged under the simulation of rain. He felt his mental fatigue seem to find a wave of rest from the massaging flow of the cleaning water. His lean and masculine body shown its immortal trait without the hindrance of clothing.

The overreaction towards the nicotine side effect might have not mattered much as his physique may have made him a repellant towards anything foreign to him. Aster sighed as he commented. "The incomplete physique that is supposed to grant me immortality is actually relatively useless in battle because it does not even have a healing function. To think that at my current level, it would only allow me some sort of body that is heaven-sent and enviable to all germaphobes."

Aster could not help but relax his guard that was always on the peak during his continuous battles or better termed as continuous massacres. "This is life!"

The sound of water dropping against the bathroom tiles is easily audible to the quiet hallways of the second floor. Clearly someone was able to notice the sudden flow of water as Aster can sense how the room's door opened.

From the little opening that was made available to the lightly pushed door, a cute voice of a little girl could be heard with childish curiosity. "Hello! Is there a ghost there? If you are a friendly one, let's be friends."

"Hmph! If you are not, I'll run and report you to my elder sisters. Big sis Kamryn just let me watch a ghost busting movie after a friendly ghost movie in her compressible television, so I know your weakness is some buzzing thing that shoots from a thing they call as a gun." Jade and her innocence were slowly being warped as her imagination and knowledge were already tainted by entertainment media.

Aster facepalmed and decided to knock some sense into her elder sisters later. He wanted to play along and prank her with some ghost sounding voice but eventually decided against it.

"Jade, it is just your big brother Aster here! No ghosts at all!" He eventually got out of the bathroom to let his reply be heard by the little girl. His clothes were now to be disposed of as the contaminating substance might just be sticking to it unnoticeably, so he had to make do with the classic bath towel wrapped around his lower torso.

"That is a shame!" Jade said in disappointment as she opened the door even wider to let herself in. "Hello, Aster. Where have you been? You were not in your big room, so I think you left. Big sisters told me to not ask any other questions and they never answered, though. But they are not here now, so where were you?"

Aster found her inquiries and early signs of rebellion towards her sisters quite amusing. "Just had to go out for some business matters."

"What sort of business?" The little girl was not finished there as Aster might just be trapped in quenching the thirst of a little girl whose lack of knowledge would lead her to ask profound and weird questions.

"I had to talk some sense to a bunch of animals." It started out as a harmless exchange that could possibly grill out his murder spree, so he just had to feed her a bit of a lie to divert her from the gruesome truths.

The unwanted exchange eventually escalated fast from her standard question such as 'what kind of animal?' and 'did the animal have four feet?' until it got deeper into uncharted child territory. Both of them had to take a seat on the bed to discuss Jade's questions.

"What is the first animal?" Jade questioned and he answered. "No one could tell. I think a lot of researchers would say that it is some really tiny animal that the human eye can't see."

"Do tiny animals really exist?" Jade questioned while he answered. "Yes or so they say. They say that they are too tiny that the dust that is nothing to our body could be their world."

"Am I going to be sued with animal cruelty?" Jade asked in worry while Aster answered with a question. "Where did you even get that idea?"

"You just said that the tiny animals live in dust worlds. I step on a lot of dust every day which means I am hurting animals while also being a planet destroyer." Jade answered with words that stumped Aster from not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "Well, you could just forget what I just said so that it would not worry you."

That was probably the lamest excuse that one could give other than Grappler's muscle coaching.

"Okay!" Thankfully, Jade forgot about those facts as she busied herself with something else. She suddenly crawled up towards the springy bed and bounced around to enjoy the fun with treating a bed as a bouncy trampoline.

Aster was about to sit up and change into a more comfortable attire but Jade and her little arms suddenly hugged his neck from behind after all of her bouncings. "I got you!"

"Alright! I have to... go..." Aster was about to deny her from including himself in her fun but Jade's next move shocked him from doing anything else. He felt a little kiss given into his neck that gave him a little jolt. The little girl giggled after her baby hickey or something considerably close to those acts and said. "Hehe! Sorry I did not mean it but was that a kiss, Aster? I think I kiss you."

The shocked youth eventually regained his bearing and said. "I know but why did you have to do that? Do you even know what kissing means?"

Jade did not answer as she pulled him backward through holding his neck. Her strength would not enough to make him budge but he just played along as he controlled his base strength to normalcy.

He had to lay on the bed due to the momentum and Jade squirmed herself to sit on his naked upper body. The little kid with childish looks that could easily be guessed to mature to goddess level was now facing him with focus and happiness. "This is fun!"

The little girl was clearly just playing around but the one he was playing with was someone who has the greatest tendency to do the extreme. Aster that just extricated himself from bloodshed was now feeling himself sink into the other sensation he enjoys doing.

With careful use of strength, Aster grasped the innocent little girl and had her lips bump into his. Jade did not know what the situation was leading into but she did not disagree with the experience.

The little girl at the young age of six lost her first lip to lip kiss towards Aster whose hormones were too over the top for suppressed and hopeless romantics aka the harem haters or the taboo haters.

"Hmm..." Jade hummed as Aster's tongue just inserted itself into her. There was a chance that she might clench her teeth from surprise but the weak feeling that coursed through her petite body also affected her mouth.

The little girl followed his moves as her little tongue wrestled with his own tongue like it was some game. Aster did not know what the playful thoughts that Jade had and he was too engrossed with tasting her young saliva to care about it.

'I freaking know how to somewhat control my lust but this scene is too taboo that I can't help myself but do it to the young girl!' His thoughts were screaming from struggling to try and stop himself from doing something that might just ruin the little girl's childhood further than it already is with this passionate kiss.

An open mountain was formed in the wrapped towel around his lower body as it was not enough to hold the erection that his little brother is experiencing from the stimulation of him touching the little girl.

Aster was about to break a budding flower from the sexy and wrong situation. Before he was about to do sensual things with Jade, an alarm sounded in his head and a screen appeared in his vision.



Host, better not go too far, and reign your sexual desire. Any further action leading to sex might tamper with the continuum of your existence!

The creator and this system might suffer incrimination from the judgment of higher authorities that can crush the creator's creative powers!


For the first time ever, the system that promotes lust managed to cockblock the host that it serves. Aster was feeling

'This is...' Aster wanted to refute but the warning and the annoying alarm in his head woke him from his sensual stupor. Jade's first kiss was stopped as the both of them just eyed each other. Aster was with guilt while the little girl was with playfulness and innocence.

'I hope that she just thinks of this as a game and not share this moment with his sisters or it would be hard to salvage my good-guy image.' He hoped in his head while his good-guy image was already non-existent to his loving harem members.

The duo passed the kiss as an act of folly as Aster found a quick escape towards his room and fetch his clothes. The future is unknown whether such scenes would further appear between the two of them.

Aster's level-headedness in slaughter and killing was now non-existent as he struggles to deal with matters regarding his harem life and love life in that matter.


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