Lust Exchange System
73 Life to Cherish
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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73 Life to Cherish

It did not take long for Aster to change into another black outfit and teleported back into the room where he left Jade.

"Wow! Aster, would I be able to do that as well?" Jade was clapping in praise from seeing him disappear and reappear. Aster shook his head and said. "It depends on your mana attribute, Jade. You need to have the space attribute to be able to do such a thing."

"What is attribute and will I have one in the future?" The little girl asked as she was recently exposed to mana cultivators and did not have to know more about mana. All that she knew is that she and Monet did not have mana cultivation and her elder sisters had one.

"Ehm! That is something that we can find out in the future." Aster evaded a sensitive topic by the young age dialogue and diversion. "You are still growing and your attribute would surely showcase itself in the future."

"Okay!" Jade was quick enough to forget about it and had no motivation to dwell on that topic. She just continued to bounce and play on the bed.

Aster took this chance to use his senses and know if the house has another person hanging around. Strangely enough, no other sign of movements other than the girls could be heard chatting. "By the way, little Jade! Did another person come by the house while I was gone? He should be your big sis Kamryn's older brother."

"Nope! Big sis Kamryn was also complaining about that. Words keep disturbing our movie watching and big sis' big brother is the one always making the text appear." Jade stopped her bouncing because she was also angry with disturbing her movie watching. Just thinking about it ruined her good mood and with another big bounce, she pounced towards Aster.

He had to catch her carefully and prevent injury. "Hay! You are too bouncy today, Jade. You could have gotten hurt if no one was there to catch you."

Jade puffed her cheeks cutely. She thought it was just an okay move to let go of her anger. The little girl gave a line that she guess would stop him from harshly reprimanding her and telling on her mischief towards her sisters. "Please don't be angry at me and if you won't be angry, I will let you kiss me again."

The youth had his thought processes explode from that sentence and his nose might comically bleed if he has not much control over his blood flow. 'Too damn cute and enticing!'

"Warning! Warning! Warning!" Alarms were being echoed into his mind by the system itself. "Host, know your limits to certain boundaries or unforetold consequences might occur."

'Yeah! Yeah! I hear you. You don't have to do this every time I am thinking weird about stuff towards illegal lolis.' Aster got back to his level-headedness and shot back at the system that was getting annoying.

He moved Jade on his arms and gave her a peck in her soft cheeks. "There I kissed you, so you better not do it again. Okay!"

"Hihi! You pervert!" Jade giggled and really made Aster rethink her age and innocence. "Where did you learn that line, little Jade?"

"Oh! We watched a ton of movies and I saw a lady reprimanding a boy because he kissed her in the lips. You said that my lips touching you in the neck was a kiss, so every sort of lip touching is a move of a pervert." He really got stumped by her childish logic. "How many movies did you see exactly? I only left for more than two hours and you are saying that you saw a lot."

"I don't know." Jade answered and stumped Aster again. 'I better ask the others, I guess.'

He walked downstairs with Jade on his arms. He checked her sentiment level with the Sentiment meter and found that her like bar had reached 70 percent. He was in relief because this reassured him that the whole scenario of involuntary seduction and kissing might just be an act of impulses and coincidences.

They eventually reached the floral-scented leisure room that had no trace of the lewd activities that happened during the night.

"Aster, you are back!" The four harem members scrambled towards him for a hug and bombarded him with kisses and hugs. Jade, who was in his arms all that while, had to resort to her newly learned line and use it four times. "Hihi! You pervert!"

Her elder sisters felt blushing in shame from having their little sister poke fun of their affection and worry. She was just using a line from a movie trailer that she just saw but this did not lessen the underlying meaning behind the word 'pervert' in that trailer.

Aster wanted to get to the bottom of the multiple movies and realized that they were not binge-watching movies but trailers. Jade and Monet got together and decided to play together in their own little playroom.

The only people left were him and his lovers who proceeded to talk about the serious stuff.

He appeased them and said. "I am alright now. The Unkillable Rats are totally wiped out, I think. There may be some few thugs that were not cluttered in that pile but they may be too minor to make a difference."

"Uhn!" The girls what he meant by pile and somewhat formed a mental image of thugs being killed with ease by their enigmatic lover. Aria had to deliberate about other issues and asked. "What about the Dren family and that Alcor guy?"

"I have mostly killed their decision-makers and the scenario would hopefully lead to them blaming the Unkillable Rats." He told them about some context like the secret meeting regarding Alcor's fake heroism and some deals. He also went straight to the point and outward told the former princess something that they might find as good news. "The whole Dren family wanted to use you, girls, because your supposed relative is actually starting a plan to take over your old kingdom and throne. Any insights on that matter?"

The triplets got quiet as they listed out relatives on their heads. Eve broked the contemplative mood and said. "Maybe that relative is a fake. Who would be able to support a talentless royal bloodline in taking back the kingdom? All other family members we knew had middling talent in cultivation."

Aster coughed and said while pointing his finger to himself. "Maybe your relative had a sex-empowering lover whose abilities are like mine. But I highly doubt that because I am one of a kind."

The girls looked at him strangely because what he said was plausible and also explicitly narcissistic. Aria glared menacingly and said. "Could it be that you have other women you kept secret from us?"

"Pfft! No, I just wanted to lighten up the mood. I had to face depressing and bloody things today that I just wanted a moment of fun to get a release from it." Aster denied and had his lingering murderous tendencies melt away in the presence of his lovers. 'I hope no other enemy would come my way because it is too depressing to murder them all. A life of conquering women and indulging in their lives is something to be cherished.'

"Anyways, that relative of yours would either help or be a hindrance to your sorority initiation." Kamryn grinned and said the perks of having a relative that is starting a coup. Plum retorted and said. "I thought that we were already exempted by the initiation process. The kingdom takeover is now just a goal for us."

"Okay, I hear you Plum-plum. Don't be angry at your red-haired sister." Kamryn remembered something annoying from their conversation and looked towards Aster in apology. "Sorry, handsome Aster. My big brother kept messaging about coming to save me but he never seems to know the direction to this place or he is preoccupied with some long-distance task."

"So, it should be a false alarm in that case." He felt the need for clarification and picked up a lot of messages being spammed in Kamryn's laptop. "Did you give out a reply?"

"Yes, the triplets showed me how to but I guess my big brother only knows to give messages and not receive my own sent messages. Every ten minutes, he sends a lot of messages telling me that he will be here and he will punish you." Kamryn got irritated just retelling her lover about her big brother's incompetence. "We were just getting to the good parts of the trailer marathon but messages keep disturbing our show."

"It is alright. I can try to block the message spams and just hide it in a folder." Aster nodded and beckoned her to sit on his lap. Kamryn did not stop herself as she tried to please her lover with her embrace while he is trying to work on it. "Please do so, my lover!"

"That is unexpected, you know how to program?" Plum and her natural rivalry towards Kamryn was not idle and hugged him from behind the sofa.

Aster was now back to his happy time as a beauty snuggled in his lap while a small-breasted beauty made use of her assets to pillow his head.

"We will have to head to the kitchen, then." Aria and Eve just shook their head and went to the direction of the kitchen to ready for lunch.

They relented for the other two to have their sweet time with their lover as they talked about the potential point person that can plan a kingdom takeover.

Aster's learning process got greater with his surge in intelligence helping aspects such as the soul. He had a memory of every word in a book about programming but that was only complete memorization. By closing his eyes for a while, the memorization became true comprehension that was not any different than the system's mastery insights.

When he was done with repeating the process to every other techno-programming book in his mental library, he could now do his work.

"How about we do this? The two of you help my dick while I help with your laptop Kamryn." Aster really missed the touch of his woman to relieve himself. He was just blue balled with Jade, so he had to find a way to vent his sexual frustration.

The duo rolled their eyes at his perverted request but still went through with it. Aster smiled when he saw them nod, so he covered up the miniature camera on the laptop to satisfy his paranoia regarding technological snooping by a powerful spying organization.

"Here I go, then." Kamryn blushed a bit as she slipped down the shorts and brief that was on the way. The flaccid penis eventually turned hard in a matter of seconds after letting its time out in the open.

"This penis of yours really is huge and perverted." The normally timid Plum commented as she squatted down in by his left foot. Opposing to her is Kamryn that squatted by his right foot. They had a staredown until they eventually went on to work together and pleasure him with their tongues.

Aster was typing out codes on the laptop but the sensation drowned out his focus. From the shaft to the tip, their tongues licked on two sides. It was a superb feeling that tingled Aster's senses.

"Hmm..." Kamryn sounded as she puckered his huge tip with her lips. It was like how Aster felt when he would tease their pussy openings. She bobbed her head downwards as Aster's dick bathed in warm saliva that simulated him with a twirl of her tongue. The red-haired beauty eventually jerked him off with the movement of her head as she tasted the precum that was produced by her movement.

Plum pouted from seeing her rival taking in the big penis in her mouth. She eventually relented and made do with stimulating the part that Kamryn found hard to swallow.

This went on for minutes and the sudden excitement could not bother to care about Aster's inhibition. In broad daylight, with innocents that could potentially bust them with the lewd acts out in the open was enough to excite Aster even more.


"Hmm..." Listening to the two beauties moaning while they gave him a blowjob was a plus and his dick subconsciously twitched to let out an influx of cum that puffed Kamryn's cheeks.

The white and viscous semen was not wasted as the duo tried their best to not waste any of it. With a switch in their positioning, Aster sunk into their pleasuring as he programmed away until lunchtime.


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