Lust Exchange System
74 Not be Heartless
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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74 Not be Heartless

Aster had a hard time fulfilling the task of creating a collection and hide program for spammed messages. The problem was not with the poorly made laptop but with the licks and slurps that he felt from his lovers.

"I'm cumming, Plum!" He grunted as he let out a load of cum that filled Plum's mouth. She grew to like the taste after being exposed to it for a couple of times and Oral Delighter just added another likable factor to it.

Kamryn could hear her partner gulping the majority of it while she had to make do with the overflow that Plum could not help but leak from her mouth.

After the jizz was taken care of, the duo started another round of pleasuring to reward their hardworking lover. A reward for fixing the nuisance in the laptop and also the reward for getting rid of the pesky thugs that troubled the green-haired siblings for quite some time.

From having one of them take the tip with their mouths, they eventually transitioned to a trick that would let them do the mouth job at the same time.

It played with the idea of lip biting as the both of them bit him in their respective sides. Kamryn started from the base and brushed her lips upward towards his dick's tip. Plum did the opposite as she traced her lip downwards to the base from the tip.

'Is this some sort of lottery?' He assumed as he got to take the sensation of their mouths skillfully sharing his penis.

It was like a chance game where the one who was coincidentally at the tip by the point of his climax would get to swallow the cum. If both of them missed, then they had to bath in the white creamy stuff as punishment. Either way, Aster is the true winner of it all.

The view of his women bathing in his sticky semen is an image to be treasured.

The alternating and differing sensations that his rod's side felt was another marvel on its own. Their tongues did not pause its support as they tickled the nerves that could be found in his erected shaft. The muscles responsible for the erection would find it debatable whether it should continue to be either hard or soft under their assault.

What was amazing was the little tongue play they made every time they reached the enlarged head. They were trying every tongue technique they could think of at the moment they get there.

'Is Plum drawing the alphabet?' He mused in his mind as every moment of Plum's time in the reward spot, she would draw connectible lines. From A, B, and the succeeding letters, she did it all because she was running out of ideas.

Aster could control his climax to time it in her mouth but he had to play fair and let his penis decide naturally. Kamryn was not doing any worse as her swirling tongue technique did not fail to please him.

'This is too good!' He exclaimed his head as his dick let out a twitch that signified his ejaculation and also finding out the winner of the girl's pleasure game.

"Hmm..." The duo could be heard enjoying themselves from having to take in the above-average volume of his white cream.

To his surprise, he read their intentions wrongly as they clearly shared the overflowing semen. Kamryn was supposed to be the winner but she only used her mouth to block the spraying effect of the ejaculation.

The non-violent and slow afterflow is their true goal as they licked the dripping from his big cock like it was melting ice cream. The flavor was unknown to him but his semen was not any less creamy than the creamy property of milk. So, he had to assume that it tasted like milk-flavored ice cream to them.

His penis was back to its pristine and majestic state as the outflow became cleaned by the girls. It was only drenched by the saliva that the girl's bathed it in.

The duo eventually got tired from their mouthful escapades and sat on his side with their heads leaning on his shoulders. He was long done with the makeshift program and the message from the annoying Glenn was now unnoticeable on the screen.

His dick eventually got its fun and the girls had to tuck it insides his clothing. The girls did their best to take in his white stuff and not mess up his newly changed clothing.

"Thank you for the helping job, good darlings!" Aster kissed them in their heads and completely laid back to relax as they waited for the dining room to be set. He enjoyed himself in the aftermath of such a great sex session.

He also had senses up to stop their play whenever the little girls inadvertently run into the room. Thankfully, the girls were busy with their own thing that they did not have to play their way into the living room.

"Why are you thanking us?" Kamryn and Plum said at the same time. Their tone was a bit gloomy and unamused because the oral sex was meant to reward him. Plum voiced out her concerns and said. "Come on, darling! This was our thank you gift. Why did you have to thank us?"

Aster smiled from their meaningful sentiment under their sexual play but he had to take romantic advancement at this moment and said in a loving tone. "My little beauties! The rewards and stuff are unnecessary, you know."

"But you helped us. Even if Kamryn's is just a weak-ass excuse of a thank you for encoding in her laptop. You and your decimation towards those evil guys changed our fate." Plum had a bit of ribbing towards her rival but her idea of giving a reward was genuine. The unthinkable might just happen to them if it weren't for him being present in their lives.

"Hehe! My cutey Plum. You guys putting your trust in me and falling in love with me was enough of a reward. This may sound shallow but giving your body is enough to satisfy a lustful devil like me." He honestly wanted to go for a cheesy romance quote like 'our love is enough to not seek payment for my actions' and 'a love formed by debts and owes would crumble in the long run'.

Aster scratched that idea and went for the more honest route like them giving him a sexual relationship. A frank and lecherous quote but essentially explains how they got together in the first place.

His bad guy or lust guy line did not let their sentiment of them down as they kissed him in the cheek. After that, another wave of kisses was given as Aria and Eve, who overheard the conversation surprised him with a kiss as well from behind the sofa.

Aria caressed her black hair and said with love. "You really should try lying for us to love you more. A romantic line would have been great but you straightforwardly telling us your desire for our bodies just seem to make you look handsome to our eyes."

Eve teased from behind and said. "You never know, sis. He may be using reverse psychology to make him look bad in our eyes but actually going for the effect that would make us fall in love with him."

"Haha!" Aster had a laugh from her comments and said. "A man that takes the path of lust has his own ways of wooing a woman after all. A grand scheme in his every sentence to make his targets fall deeper into his trap."

His lovers just disregarded his quotable quote and just showered him with hugs and kisses.

"Alright, we have to eat now. The food would get cold." Aria had to break up their loving time and call them out for lunch. The group had to follow suit and find their seat on the huge dining table.

Kamryn went upstairs to call for the little ones because she had somewhat bonded with them after the whole trailer marathon they went through.

The food on the table was a meaty soup that was from a certain beast. It was a good thing that Kamryn's entourage had a lot of sliced-up and raw collection of ingredients they killed during their travels. The space ring from them was enough to save them a trip to the market to restock for the next week.

The awaited younglings from upstairs eventually got down from to reach the table. Aster had a bad feeling about their presence because he neglected the fact that Jade might tell of their taboo escapades towards her most trusted accolade in the whole house and that person is her sister Monet.

Jade was cutely dripping saliva from smelling the meat and seeing them swim around a big bowl in their full glory.

Kamryn was quiet in a happy and angry grin as she walked towards her spot in his side.

Monet was practically shooting daggers of jealousy and aggression towards him. It was like she had a miniature and beta version of Aster's Murderous Will. Her glare could not match his spirit skill's prowess but the asuric Aster was actually feeling intimidated under it.

"Hello, Aster!" Monet greeted with animosity in her tone. Aster was sitting in his seat but he was too stunned to reply. His thought was spinning around in guilt and panic. 'Hay! The system stopped me from destroying the continuum of existence but it did not stop me earlier from a more grave threat than everything ending. The dangerous aftermath of kissing a little girl.'

The triplets were clueless of the whole matter but they glared suspiciously at Aster nonetheless from seeing their little sister's apparent anger.

"Haha... hello. Let us all dig in!" Aster really had to fix his harem life at this moment because his current awkwardness was not any different than how Rat reacted towards his presence. 'Where do I get to run?'

Monet eventually burst out crying as she ran towards him and gave him a punch in the arm. Her tone was hushed as she threatened. "You meanie! You better do to me what you did to Jade or I will hate you forever. It would be your loss to pass out on the chance to date a budding princess like me in the future, even if you are an old and fat king by that time."

"Ehm... okay." Aster relented because it was just a harmless kiss anyway. In his head, he was monologuing with pleading. 'Please let this be the end of the discussion and the girls would eventually pass it off as a secret thing or something.'

"Yey! You will actually kiss me." Monet felt herself win the fight but she did not stop there and went for fhe next part of the plan which was to give him punishment from his established girlfriends. She made sure that her words were heard by everybody. "It should be a special first kiss in the lips just like what... you... did... with Jade!"

The last part was worded out separately to let it ring into her elder sister's ears. All the harem members had a surge in anger when they heard that and eyed their poor lover with anger.

"Ehm... about that reward for fixing the laptop. I would..." Aster shamelessly tried to squirm his way out of punishment but the girls would not let him. Aria with her emotionless retort disrupted his words. "What about having no payment because our bodies are enough? Come on, darling Aster. Your reverse psychology worked on us earlier, you don't have to use it again."

Aster slumped back to his seat while he gave a thumbs up towards the grinning Monet. The girl is probably the most vengeful of the siblings and would even go out of her way to stump the mischievous Eve. "Nice one, little girl. You win this round."

The angered group eventually sighed as they quickly got over the thing about the kisses. They would get to the bottom of the mystery later and Aria and Kamryn were satisfied with kicking his feet while they finished their meal.

Although Aster was badly battered on this lunchtime, he truly felt alive from feeling apprehension, care, guilt, and all sorts of emotions towards the girls. Sure, he was powerful enough to make them fear him, but it was genuine moments and interactions like this that was real for him.

A lot would criticize a push-over but being too omnipotent and demanding towards his lovers would not be any different than being a heartless bastard.

One thing that he wanted to avoid after getting to know and interact with his lovers was being a heartless bastard like his father.


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