Lust Exchange System
76 Pointless Reasons
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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76 Pointless Reasons

Monet scowled because her big sisters were more cunning than her and this was the very exemplification of it.

"As for your motivation, it must be because you like Aster." Aria pointed out the answer to her little sister's other question.

"Hmmph!" Monet pouted while she looked towards Aster in blame. "It is because you look too much of a prince charming."

Aster did not know whether to laugh or cry. The whole house was totally getting out of control with all of this truth coming out. He had to make a move or everything would really crumble. "Alright, shall we get things clear here? I am sorry for the thing about Jade but nothing can change the fact that it happened."

Eve grinned while getting some residual tears out of her eyes. "You are clearly enjoying the entire revelation thing here, darling Aster."

"Yep!" He regained his bearing and said truthfully. Not that he had to carefully tread his steps now as things became a bit more open for all of them.

The harem members could only keep silent as they shook his head. Their grievances towards him were long gone as they realized the secret behind all the things. They symbolically envision the young ones as younger versions of themselves and his attraction and weakness to seduction towards the little girls may just be due to their close relationship with each other.

Monet and Jade were quiet as they knew the mistakes they did. They were trying to mastermind and play a prank on Aster but the third fail this time around made them realize how things would end if Aster is supposed to be the receiving end of schemes

The young ones viewed him as a bane to all scheming and conspiracy.

"I am sorry, everybody!" Jade blushed as she looked in his direction because she felt that she was the one at fault for everything. She was really guilty for what she did even though it was a double fault for her and Monet.

The triplets had no control over her little sisters at this moment because she realized that they were getting rebellious from all of these interactions. They knew that their little sisters were maturing but this sort of maturity seems out of place. To think that they were growing up from being exposed to their lover.

"What are we going to do now? Things are bound to get awkward with all this strife. I mean, this young lady, is already an awkward addition to this group and now we are just bombarded with the fact that little girls could also be our rivals." Kamryn voiced out her concerns as she looked towards Aster for answers.

The triplets sighed because they really thought that this entire scenario was going to happen eventually but the sudden possibility of it happening now is disconcerting for them. Aria had no choice to advise him and said. "Your entire speech from the night we met was about taking our hands in marriage anyway. By 'our', that was specifically all five of us from what I could remember."

Kamryn looked at him weirdly because this was the first time for her hearing about the marriage declaration.

He sighed inwardly and hid his awkwardness with narcissism. "That is true! My incoherent harem declaration seems to have worked wonders. Also, my devilish charms did not fail me, I guess."

That just led to freaking awkwardness that the girls did not know how to respond with anything at all. Even he was cursing himself from the shamelessness but there was no stopping the momentum now and he just stood up teleported from their to reappear behind Monet's seat.

Jade was within reach and he patted her head to somewhat ease her guilt. Monet had to look up and see his face inversed and up above her's.

She was lost when she looked into his deep and black eyes. Her infatuation and imagination became enhanced as she sunk into his charms.

This only intensified when she heard his next words. "How about we give each other our kisses now, cunning princess?"

'Kyaahhh!!!' Monet's mind short-circuited after her consciousness gave out a scream likened to how fangirls scream when seeing their idols. Blood rushed up to her head and she became dizzy from the frontal assault of Aster's prince and bad guy mode.

"Scoundrel!" Eve commented and pinched him to his side. She was close enough to see his quirky line and also realized how deeply ingrained princess stories are to her sisters. The others could not help but feel jealous of such an act that they riled up schemes in their heads as well to have him say such quirky lines to themselves.

Aster finally felt himself take confidence with the whole situation and gave them another bold line of cheesy romanticism.

"Scratch that note. How about all of you, my darling princesses, each gets a kiss of your own. I am after all your very own devilishly handsome knight, prince, lover, molester, and protector all combined in one." With his calm and grand words, he sprinkled it with another line to make their hearts skip a beat. "I may just be a selfish hypocrite that even had the audacity to tell you that I don't love you but I just hope for you to forgive me and give me a chance to make up for all my imperfect characters."

He did not have to upsell them with any other words after that as everybody by the table smiled beautifully after they heard his words. Sure, the line was shitty for others but it was perfect enough for them. They were essentially goddess beauties on their own but their resonant happiness just made their beauties go up a notch in Aster's eyes.

"Hihi! You pervert." Jade broke their beautiful silence as she used her go-to line that she would associate with kissing.

He took the carried the little girls by hand as they instinctively hugged their necks to support himself on his carrying embrace.

"Ho... now that he found little girlfriends. He actually forgot about old us. This is cruelty." Eve and her mischievous made light of the whole thing and somewhat felt genuinely haply for her little sisters for having that they meticulously planned for.

She can somewhat attribute their attraction towards them as finding someone truly dependable in their lives. When they were growing up, they were dependent on their strong elder sisters. They knew and saw all the sacrifices that they had to go through for them.

The triplets were role models for them and even if they were sort of bratty once in a while, that did not in any way mean that they did not respect them.

Their whole attraction towards Aster is due to how dependent their role models became to him. The entire dreary month of sadness and tears that their elder sisters shed every night was somewhat stopped when he came into their lives.

They saw their role models show their feebleness and vulnerability in the past month. Somehow their feebleness and vulnerability became vibrant and strong again when they came to interact with a handsome youth.

It signified to them that their role models eventually found something to make them complete and back to how they used to be. Like how their stories showed how a hero saves damsels in distress. They wanted a hero of their own after connecting all of those and the best choice to go for was the product that their role model went for.

The very prince that came into their sisters' lives and saved them was essentially the same prince that saved them as well.

"Sis, we actually won!" Jade enthusiastically announced as she squirmed around in his arms. Monet shushed her and said with a hum. "Oh... little sis. We did not win anything because this prince was long meant for us. Just enjoy the moment in silence and remember the feeling sink into your entirety."

Jade nodded in enlightenment as her elder sister was practically the sage when it comes to fairy tales.

Aster was hearing all of their equally childish and poetic conversations and he really had a hard time processing all of it. Gaining little girlfriends for himself might just be another journey for him to discover.

He really wanted to celebrate this little victory for them to someplace special but he had no other alternative to it than to go by the pool and have some little party. "Alright, why don't we change for a little swim to commemorate this really weird day."

"Yeah!" The duo eventually found themselves in joy as they get to swim in the huge pool again. They were quick to get out his grasp that it made him realize that their entire kissing escapade might just be a little chapter in their life that would not matter much in their childhood.

The big sisters had to accommodate to their wilful little sisters and give them some sort of enjoyment. Nothing pretty much changed in their situation except the little sisters were now official members of their little sorority, so it pretty much changed everything for them.

Aster had to supply a new batch of sunscreen from the system while the girls were more than enough to handle all the applications, so his lotion scene was practically a thing of the past. He was disappointed with the fact that he could not go for the enjoyment of tracing their bodies but he moved on because there were other joys they bring him than hot skinship.

All of them eventually got into their swimsuits while Aster got to feast in their swimming wears.

The system was annoyingly ringing when it came to lewd thoughts about the little girls, so his manly hormones were limited towards the triplets and their gracious curves along with the busty redhead.

His entire little girlfriend scenario was practically cut short to something as only a label because the shitty system would not even allow him to get too deep into the romantic territory unless they were old enough.

'What was the entire point of my whole gritty speech to the little girls, then?' He was fuming when he was realized how restricting his helpful system became. The system just went for all the warning sounds on his head while it said. "Host, the entire issue of your relationship would get into the lines of pedophilia and any sort of interaction connecting to that would trouble the creator. The best solution was to appease them early before their childish attachments became detrimental to them and your future relationship."

'Are you freaking telling me that my entire confession would just be a ruse to the little girls and essentially be tricking them. How is that any better than not confronting them at all?' Aster was clenching his fist too hard at this moment that he wanted to choke the system that did not tell him about this matter. The system with its usual monotonous voice sounded again and said. "This is a necessary sacrifice for future developments."

While he was having the vexing conversation with the system, sparks flew across the glares of Plum towards her chosen rival as the big boob controversy became open again in their pool party.

The entire girl got lost in their own fun as greater forces were at play as they seem to have been influenced to not bother Aster.

Situations became rewritten as the entire little girlfriend acceptance became warped. Aster's eyes were red with reluctance as the entire pool party became a celebration for the small open forum that they had about their feelings.

The whole Jade kiss scheme was still existent but the whole girlfriend thing was now sent to nothing. He only had to kiss Monet and the whole possibility of their relationship would become a thing in the long future. The only thing that would change is that everybody in the house would know that the girls have a crush on him and approach him with a closer relationship than before.

'System, I asked this earlier and I will ask again. What was the whole point of making me hope for that when it will eventually lead to this?' Aster now felt the sensation that he was experiencing his whole life. The feeling of being suppressed and not being able to control the change in his life. He had cultivation now but the feeling of not being able to pursue what they wanted was not different than when he was weak.

"This may seem blunt to you, host. I assure you that this is only temporary as your connection to the girls would pave the way for the future." The system did not sound monotonous at this moment as it continued. "You have now realized that you are still restricted despite having my support. The whole lottery and creation of this universal construct is primarily meant to explore the culture of sensuality and secondarily meant to explore how one can defy the restriction of structures and laws. Even the creator is not able to escape this fate and this is a wake-up call to motivate you and show him how one is able to defy such restriction to true freedom."

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    《Lust Exchange System》