Lust Exchange System
77 Pool Party I
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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77 Pool Party I

The whole pool party ended with the girls having fun while Aster was on the side to contemplate about the things that the system said to him.

It pretty much told him not to pursue a romantic interest in the little girls at the moment and made use of reality-warping conditions to just ensure that it would not happen.

He eventually let go of that obsession and have a greater outlook in the future. 'It is not like they are gone from me. Our possibility would only be limited to being close people now and it would transition into what I have with their elder sisters. I also have to fix this whole emotional mindset of mine.'

Aster sighed as he realized that he may be skilled in battles, he may not necessarily be skilled in matters of the heart. 'Is this another curse of the system? To make me overpowered in cultivation but vulnerable with women.'

"No!" The system, who heard his little monologue, voiced out. He tilted his head and replied. 'I somehow know that fact. I am monologuing here, so don't ruin this for me.'

The system kept quiet after that he was in no mood to mope and contemplate because the whole scenario is not as bad as he really thinks it to be.

From his spot, he decided to join in on the fun and make a splash as he dove into the deep pool. The entire thing was deep enough for him to enjoy the bathing underwear of his women from below.

All the worries eventually went away as he marveled at the sight. Those underwear hid the assets of women that he enjoys and can caress at any time of the day. Of course, if they consented for it, why not.

The girls eventually got curious where he went after his dive, so they looked down to see where he was at.

They had their hairs untied and they eventually dove down with their hairs beautifully swaying with the movements they made. Like happy mermaids, they waved at him as they had no attachment towards being able to get into the depths of the pool.

Eventually, they resurfaced and left him to enjoy their beauty in another angle.

"Hey! Aster is clearly being a peeping tom under there." Eve said as she squirmed her beautiful legs together to hide her assets in her pussy region.

"Why do you even bother? He is playing with it a lot of times already. I could say that the time he had with you is on the top compared to ours." Plum shook her head to remind her sister that it was a futile attempt. Her words also made the other realize that Eve might just ve in the lead when it comes to sexual encounters with their lover.

Eve had to save herself before their jealousy would flare up. "Come on! I don't even know how many times you guys did it in your alone time with him. Even when he focused on me within an entire night, it is not like we left you aside with all the wet dreams you had from the pleasuring of our fingers."

"Let us just agree to disagree that somebody has it ahead but all of us do not know who it is." Aria intervened and stopped whatever pointless arguments that would happen from that topic.

"Wow, Eve! How did you guys do it?" Kamryn was intrigued by Eve and her time with Aster and wanted to ask about the details.

It did not take long for them to talk about girl stuff while the little girls were still busy with exploring every corner on the surface of the pool.

Aster, with his masterful breath preservation method that was the virtue of his body art, stayed down below and lay at rest in the tiles of the pool for an extended period of time. 'This is how one should enjoy a get-together in the pool. To lounge and relax, get wet by the waters, and ogle on the view of ladies and their revealing outfit.'

His happy time did not last long as he had to resurface upwards to catch another round of air for him to rest up while he is in for another underwater rest session.

"Aster, what about my kiss?" Monet, eventually went for her end goal and blushed while he said so. Her plans of taking it any further were long abated and this would only be a kiss towards her princely crush.

The big girls sighed and somewhat understood how their little sisters got trapped in having a crush on their lover. They just had to live with a monster who embodies the definition of devilishly charming.

Aster now was reminded of how adamant the system was regarding the relationship thing and found a way to delay this little agreement to make it special. "Monet, how about we postpone this kiss of ours? A girl such as you should get something special for your first kiss after all. You know, like a princess in the fairy tales style."

It may have been due to the system's interference or Monet's fascination with princess stories but the little girl eventually acquiesced. "Okay, but it had better be special as you say it is. You owe me!"

She made it sound like some sort of adult agreement that Aster can't help but find it amusing. Jade swam close to him and gave him a little kick. "What about my special kiss?"

This time, he was surprised but had to attribute her actions with rivalry and equality between siblings. She ruffled up her damp hair and said. "Yep, you get your special kiss as well. I apologize for kissing you about three times but things can still be special for the Nth times."

He was really awkward towards this whole thing and thankfully the ones he is talking with are young enough to be appeased with simple words of promise.

They even had to undergo the whole pinkie promise ordeal and the entire scenario could only happen in the future according to their unofficial agreement.

The big girls eventually surrounded Aster before he could get back underground and gave him deep hugs of care. Maybe they eventually got to terms with his decision and found it the mature thing to do.

Their hugs felt like heaven as Aster and them wanted to merge together as one but that would only be the best description of how they felt at that moment.

Since that was not completely possible, they had to break their silent hugs and enjoy the time in the pool.

The entire afternoon was about the pool while they also took breaks and sit in the comfy seats by the side. Staying too long in the water eventually got uninteresting and lounging by the pool chairs is what they did to change up the tempo.

The night was near and the dinner was eaten as usual. Chatter and stuff filled the house while Aster felt included and secluded at the same time. It was a contradictory feeling that made it weird for him but essentially got over it. He even commented about it in his thoughts with a light heart. 'This entire mood swing is totally uncharacteristic of me.'

The whole group eventually got ready for bed and Aster took this chance to end the whole rigorous day with something he grew attached to.

After making sure that the little girls were asleep in the room, he dragged the girls for an extended pool party of his own.

Seated on the weird seat, Aster let out his erected penis for it to enjoy the party of its own. The girls rolled their eyes at the sight but their audible gulps were interpreted differently by him.

"Aster, it can't be that you want it to do us here? This is outside, you know!" Aria reprimanded while she sat on his waist to cover up the huge penis. Aster smiled and had his stiff dick interact with the clothing that she wore. "We already had an outdoor experience once, why not do it again?"

"I was just asking to get the whole thing clear. Sheesh, you are the master of our sex life, so it is not like we can complain." Aria smiled as she undressed herself to leave behind a dry version of her swimwear earlier. "Hehe! We prepared in case this would happen."

He grinned in elation as he gets to enjoy a pool experience for himself. "I am too lucky to have understanding lovers for my own."

"Hmmph! We are too understanding that we even do these things to a person that does not love us at all." Plum pouted at the side as she lied on a bed of her own. Eve and Kamryn found beds of their own and waited for Aster to finish with his own fun with Aria for now.

Aria got back into his waist and had her panties rub against his rod. She was about to have to push it inside but was interrupted by Aster, who pulled her closer to him and gave a deep kiss to the stunning beauty.

Tongues intertwined as Aria became engrossed in their passionate kiss. His hands groped her butt closer as his penis slipped through the pesky panties and entered her vagina.

"Hmmm!!" Aria moaned but their deep kiss muffled her erotic voice. Aster missed the feeling of her pussy as its folds massaged his penis to give it the enjoyment in deserves.

His hand sunk into her bouncy butt as he pounded away to crush her mature face and bring it into his awaited lustful face.

"Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!" Aria's tongue went weak as it just dripped saliva into his own. Her hands were resting into his chest as it gripped the clothes to share the intensity of the thrust that was penetrating her.

Aster did not stop and fucked away as her squirting was seen by her sisters. This was the greatest sexual experience in Aria's life as Aster pounded away without much pause. It filled her up entirely that anyone who saw her pussy would realize that her pussy slit opened up into a hole that fit the big cock.

While Aster was ravaging her below, he was also ravaging her mouth and played with the muffled moaning that she produced. Her sisters could hear her moans oscillate to different tones as Aster's tongue did its job.

"Hmnh! Mnmm! Mhhm! Hnn!" Aria was moaning wildly as her pussy stretched back and forth to accommodate the fast-moving penis. The feeling of his hands on her butt was not helping her at all as her sensation of climaxing reached the peak.

"Mmmmnnnhh!!!" The bed got wet as it bounced the spray of juices that she squirted out from a major orgasm. She was satisfied and gasping for breath but she knew she had to undergo the process again because her lover still did not have the release it should have.

Aria got out of their kiss as a thread of saliva became formed. It reflected the light of the moon as they were fucking under its light.

Aster got to see her lovely eyes clear but her face was as pleasured as it could be. Since he did all the work earlier, it was time for her to ride his dick and pleasure it.

His hands let go of her butt and the springy meat under his palm reverted it back to its perky glory. He did not slap it but the spectating girls could see the slightly red hand mark he left behind.

Aster's hands found its spot on her swimming bra as he untied the ribbon grip it had on its design. The cupping clothed dropped to the side as it opened up the view on Aria's B size breast and the pink nipple that was hard.

His fingered pinched the nipples as Aria chose this time to jerk her body up and down.

"Hn! Hmm! Ahh! Ahnn! Hmmn!" Her moans echoed in the poolside as she sheathed his penis inside her vagina. Her nipples were under Aster's mercy as it got pinched and tweaked with a little bit of twisting. He did not overdo it but the sensations were multiplied for Aria whose nerves got assaulted by his fingers.

The sound of squirting followed suit as her cute and quick orgasms let out sprays of fluids that massage his base and balls.

Aster was close to climaxing as he pulled her back in for another passionate kiss as he moved his hips to pierce and touch her button-like cervix.

Aria had closed eyes open up after feeling the sticky cream suddenly burst inside her.

"Hmmmh!!!" Her moan became elongated as she matched his climax with a great orgasm of her own. The lubricating fluids mixed together as it slid from her pussy and downwards to his rod with a lewd sound of sticky sublimity.

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