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78 Pool Party II
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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78 Pool Party II

Aria was bathed in the sensation of her pussy being drenched by the great volumes of his semen. She gave another kiss and the penis in her pussy suddenly got pulled out.

"What's the deal?" Aria got disturbed by the sudden loss of the thick thing inside her that she had her question flare-up towards him.

"It is not my fault. Ask those girls right behind you." Aster shook his head in denial with a smile.

Aria felt tongues licking her pussy lips for the stray semen that was still adamant in staying inside her. She knew that it was her sisters that were doing it and felt shame from having them clean up her private parts.

Eve voiced out from behind her and said in apology. "Sorry sis for taking your special time but it was enviable for us to see you have Aster first. Besides, this milky cream should not be wasted or so they say. Hehe!"

Aria blushed even deeper but just relented with their totally lewd argument. Not that she could reprimand them for such shameful acts because she was after all the one who did the shameful act on top of her lover.

"It can't be that my Aria actually loves having my penis rest inside her." Aster smiled at her current look as she was being somewhat pleasured by her sisters. Not that they stayed their attention to her pussy for long because they were already letting him feel good with the triple tongue action they are giving him.

She pouted and rolled her eyes at him. She had blush on her face when she said the next lines. "Don't flatter yourself! You... you are the one who made me get used to it inside me. If anything, this whole me... is your fault."

They both kissed again for the fun of it while the trio was now focusing their intent making Aster climax again. The bath of semen was now cleaned and replace with the beauties saliva as their tongues intertwined on most sides of his dick.

'That is too good!' He can't see their actions and who was doing what but he could not help but praise the one who is circling his naked tip.

Aster was practically lost in kissing one beauty while three other beauties were making him feel good.

It took minutes of the triple licking that his nerves were already excited. His rod twitched and the trio below him was already getting ready for the splashing eruption.

Kamryn did what she did earlier on the sofa and broke the projectile motion of his load and they had their shares of the loads that were flowing down his rod. Eve was somewhat initiated into her sex life with having it into her mouth and was swallowing the viscous cum without much hesitation.

Plum sighed and looked towards Aria in jealousy. "Aster, shouldn't we get our turn? Aria already had her moment with you."

He broke his kiss with Aria and addressed Plum's concerns. "Haha! I never really associated you to be the jealous type, little Plum-my."

"Yeah! It surprised us as well. Even though we came from the same womb and got into this world on the same day." Aria agreed with a smirk while Eve giggled when she looked at the blushing Plum, who was usually quiet and timid to others.

"I am not jealous at all!" Plum blushed in denial and hid her face with her hands to escape the shame. Kamryn was not foolish enough to waste the chance to get a punch to her on and off rival. "Oh my! I only know her to be a jealous type and not anything else."

"I'm not a person that easily gets jealous!" Plum and her face were getting redder while she said those words.

"Alright, how about we give some special attention to Plum, then." Aster smiled as he looked forward to the next thing that would happen. The other three were already in their stunning swimsuits when they were sucking him and it just made the next thing quicker to happen.

He had Aria lay flat on a plain bed to replace him and he undressed the green underwear that Plum was wearing by her lower body. He leaned in closer to her ears and said. "Bear with me this time again, little Plum."

"What are you going to do, Aster?" Eve was curious about the whole scenario that she could not help herself but ask. He smiled and just lead Plum to where he wanted her to be.

He had Plum on the semi sixty-nine position with Aria as they perfectly fit in the somewhat wide bed or chair or whatever the chair designers call it.

Aria saw Plum's wet pussy placed by her mouth and could not help but roll her eyes next at what was about to happen. She just played along and tried to eat her sister's pussy that was dripping with warm and sweet fluids.

While the Aria was doing so, Aster got a moment to whisper some words to the spectators.

"Ahhn... sis that is... good!" Plum was about to do the full 69 and let her sister enjoy tye same pleasure but she was stopped by the red and green duo of Kamryn and Eve. "What are you guys doing?"

"Aster, told us to do this? Hehe, lucky!" Kamryn grinned as she gets to play with the thing that her rival felt insecure about. The duo smiled as they undressed the cups that cover her little breasts. The nipples were already prominent under the cloth but it finally felt liberation when it was out in the open.

Eve and Kamryn were aficionados regarding sexual matters and their personalities were pretty much the same when it comes to naughtiness. They shared a good moment where they looked at each other eyes and agreed on a great deal of uniformity with their assigned task.

With a swift motion they had their lips take care of Plum's nipple and used their known techniques to put the unruly envy of Plum in place.

"Ahh! Aahh! Aahh!" Plum with all the tripartite pleasuring was issuing moans of pleasure that was heard by everyone by the pool. "Aster... this is ama... zing but where are... you?"

She had the feeling and enlightenment that her remarks and hasty comments may come out rude to all of her sisters. They also would wait their turn like her but they were anxious enough to disturb another's fun time. 'I... guess I am just too selfish to want and hog Aster for my own.'

"I'm sorry for me being... selfish." She said truthfully to her accomodating sister who went out of their way and gave her this sort of feeling.

Aster was a bit conflicted on this part but things are bound to happen. He wanted them to have individuality but letting it all loose in the long run might just be counter-productive on their future together.

Plum felt her body feeling pleasure all over her and she was suddenly surprised when Aster's hands suddenly touched her butt. "What are you... doing?"

He had no answer as he had his little finger soaked with her juices that was flowing from Aria's oral to vaginal pleasuring. His drenched finger was then traced into Plum's butthole and give it some lubrication it would need for the next but that was about to happen.

Plum gulped from the anticipation and deduction of what was about to happen next. Her moans stuttered most of her words as she advertised her other hole's sanitation. "Aster... my ass is... dirty!"

The breast-sucking duo had a spark of realization when they heard Plum's words and could not help but be intrigued. They broke their task and wanted to look at what was going to happen next.

It was futile but at least they already showed a bit of pleasure to Plum and reigned her possessiveness a bit. Aster also turned to Aria and had her stop her oral escapade. "Alright, Aria. You, three, had already made your point with this jealous girl."

Plum was left with her butt raised towards his dick. Aria had no energy to watch her sister's anal virginity get taken as she had to rest for whatever weird kink that her lover would think of next in this poolside sex party of sorts.

"Oh wow! Seeing it personally, I think it would be hard to do such a thing." Kamryn commented as she saw the size and fitting difference with the asshole and Aster's dick.

Eve could not help but voice out in worry and said. "Aster, you should know that your cock is already too big for our pussies to handle. It might too early to do it now. At least put in some other thing first for her to be able to adjust."

"Don't... worry about it... I can take it. I want it even though it might get dirty inside me." Plum was surprisingly open about it and he was too engrossed with the idea about a new form of sex that he gets to experience now. He had his little finger suddenly push a bit and play by the little hole and explore the capability of the opening.

"Aahhh!!!" Plum had a major orgasm as her pussy drip her juices. Her pussy was greatly sensitive already and her anal hole might not be any less sensitive than that. Her arch was more than enough to tell how much pleasure she is experiencing with the play.

Aster had to reconsider his options but he threw those options down the trash compactor of his thoughts. It was bound to happen in the future and any form of denial and delay would just be as counter-productive as Plum's urging envy.

His pushing finger eventually got out of the way as his big cockhead eventually replaced it. Aster had a bit by bit movement as he inched his way into the little hole.

Plum could really feel her little hole stretch up but she gritted through the uncomfortability of the widening as she let her lover enjoy the process of losing her anal virginity.

When the enlarged head pushed through, the stretched eventually got a bit easier as the long shaft was relatively lesser in girth compare to the monstrous bulge of his glans.

It was time to rub up against her anal folds as Aster thrust deeper and deeper into the long chambers of her hole. The flow of her love juices did not stop as the pleasure erased the pain that was ensued in the first penetration.

Aster moved his hips and her hips to get the full euphoria of anal sex. He loved the sound of his hips slapping her perky butt as he did so.

Every time he would try and pull back, he would also have her hips pushed away from him. The opposite would happen as he would push in while the hips would get pulled back towards him. The contrasting motions produced the rhythmic and heavenly slapping of their skins.

"Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Ahh! Too good! Goood! Don't stop!" Plum was enjoying the pleasure as much as he is. The entire thing about fearing the pain of anal sex became nonexistent as the duo enjoyed the fuck with great intensity.

Aster's whole rod now had the perfect hole to completely get inside his women as he did not have to put into consideration the factors such as their vaginal depth or the mouth's limited space.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" The sound of Plum's heavenly moans made him lost in lust as his excitement was coming near to its peak. It was mostly void inside her asshole while he fucked but the influx of his lubricating precum made the entire movement become easier than before.

"Ahh! Ahh! I'm cumming!!!" Plum can't contain her orgasm as her nectar burst forth from her pussy. Aster grunted along as he filled her anal insides with a volume of sperm that made his precum seem inconsequential.

The innocent and timid Plum gasped for breath but she had jerk a bit when the big glans detached from her beautiful asshole. There was no gaping hole that formed as her pussy returned to how cutely close it used to be. The only difference was the little white cream that dripped downwards to her pussy that was just below it.

Aster immortalized the view into his powerful memory and remember the other two beauties that he had to give some care.

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