Lust Exchange System
79 Pool Party III
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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79 Pool Party III

Kamryn and Eve were getting hot and horny from seeing Plum getting fucked on her butt. Eve got closer to Aster and told him near his ear. "Aster, I don't want it in my butt but you can have my mouth and pussy."

He smiled after hearing that and got her to his embrace. "Aren't you some sex guru who is open to a lot of things that are sexual? How come you seem to avoid having it in your other hole?"

"I am not trying to avoid it. It is a use of psychology which means that you will be more likely to have my anal virginity. The more one denies the more one wants it. Hehe!" Eve grinned as she gave him a kiss. She was totally in her beautiful swimwear and her beauty had gotten more charming than how she usually is.

Kamryn was what came into his view and found that she was getting impatient as well. She might be keeping to herself from seeing how he reacted to Plum's disturbance. 'Hay... this young lady could only wait but will vow to enjoy herself and in the same way, let him enjoy as well.'

Seeing her squirm with her enticing bust and sizes, made him remember how she was not any less enchanting than Eve in his arms. The red hair with her red swimming attire just made his penis twitch from the anticipation of being able to pierce her enchanting pussy.

Before he could do that, he had to go through with some other forms of sex first to bring another bit of variety to the entire sex experience.

When they were done with their smooching, he had Eve slouch down a bit to have her face by his penis while he called for the struggling Kamryn. "Come on, little Kamryn."

Kamryn pouted in a bit of discontent and said. "Aster, I had a lot of pleasing your dick with my mouth today. Go easy on my lips, okay!"

He gave a nod and explained. "Come on it would just be another session. It just shows how much your oral assets mean to me or something."

"Sheesh!" Kamryn rolled her eyes at him while she joined the mouth action of her recently established partner in sex. First it was breast sucking. Now it transitioned to oral sex again.

Aster enjoyed the view of contrastingly themed beauties sucking him until the point of climax. They were different in most things but they pretty much the same in energy when it comes to sexual acts.

He was also currently standing and he can see the gracious curves of there backside as well as the bountiful butts at the far side. There red and green panties made him differentiate them as their soft and smooth looks made it hard to differentiate whose from whose without prior knowledge.

Eve was skilled in deep throating while Kamryn was an expert in ways of the tongue. The feeling of his cock inside a mouth is quite inverse than that of a pussy or ass.

The deeper Eve shoves the head into her throat the tighter it gets. He can feel her uvula getting banged as he moves inside her. What makes him feel her mouth like a pussy us the enrapturing grip of her lips just as how pussy lips react to his big girth. Obviously, the mouth lips are not as inherently tight as them but Eve's skill made it seem even more pleasurable than the pussy's.

Her tongue's actions were limited to the underside of his shaft due to the sheer enormity of his cock that mostly filled her buccal space.

The tingling tongue sensation he feels is clearly attributed to Kamryn, who only middling of exposure to his dick and was now greatly progressing in making him excited from the clever use of saliva and roughened-up texture of the tongue. It goes to show her blooming talent in such fields of bringing him enjoyment.

"Hmmnh! Hnn! Hmmh!" Aster did not have to differentiate between their seductive moans as he treated them as a singularity whose sole purpose was to please him.

They went on for a couple of minutes as his sexual peak was coming close. Eve could feel how the naked glans or tip bulge from the surge of blood that his penis had from what was about to happen.

The splurge happened as the creamy cum flooded Eve's throat. They were too much that she could not help herself and let a few slip from her lips. It traced drown her beautiful chin and Kamryn had to make do with just that and licked the overflow clean.

Aster had to grunt a bit as the lust got the better of him. His breath got deeper as his sense of lust was getting deeper than how it used to be. He caressed the beauties as they relished in the swallowing of his released load.

"How about some breast fuck next?" Aster had his attention mostly on the big boobs of Kamryn while he said that.

Kamryn appeased while Eve followed suit and release the grip of their differently modeled cupping clothes.

Aster had to take a seat as the duo positioned by his left and right sides. Kamryn could easily envelop his dick in between her crevice but she had to make some space as her partner was clearly lacking in the depth of cleavage department.

Their nipples bumped each other as they assaulted Aster's penis on all sides. Four buns of the same bounciness and smooth feeling squirmed around as they looked eye to eye with each other and seeking for the right signal.

"Ready... and go!" The beauties said in unison as they heaved up and down while they squatted. Aster felt the smoothness of all four buns rub up against him but it was not enough due to the lack of the slipping substance. They had to make quick work of him with their boobs they still had their other holes to be filled.

Fortunately, their salivas were a good solution to this. The trace of lubricative semen was enough to lubricate whatever they could lubricate.

The sound of the sticky and wet getting squished on their boobs made the normally open-minded duo to have blushing shades of pink in their beautiful cheeks.

"Haha! Your reactions are too precious." Aster had a quick laugh as they saw their reluctance to hear the sound while still not stopping their lewd actions that were the very cause of it.

"Hmmph!" They pouted but they continued on because of the awaited splurge in the end. Kamryn wanted to see how the white cream exits the tiny exit on the tip while Eve was in anticipation of having another batch of cum to enjoy.

They even had a bit of conversation while they waited for the stubborn penis to let out the sticky stuff.

"You seem excited about something, Kamryn. Could it be?" Eve looked at the curious expression at her fellow breast fuckeree with a knowing smile. Kamryn was not ashamed of it as she said with all truth. "Well, this is, after all, a form of knowledge. Every time he ejaculates, I had to cover it with my mouth or hidden inside of you guys or even bursting it out into my baby chamber. It would be a waste to spray it around but it would also be great to see it spray on my beautiful face."

"Why do you say that?" Eve was intrigued as they heaved up and down with apparent ease. Kamryn was also of the same state as her and answered nonchalantly. "My ancestor's notes always say about some sort of enjoyment in your male counterpart when they see a woman drenched in their very semen. Like a marking of sorts to claim the woman as his own."

"Hmm... interesting! I wanted to have it in my mouth again but seeing him marking us with his sticky stuff would not be too bad." Eve was intrigued by those writings and was even more enthusiastic with her boobs motion. Aster can feel how her right and left boobs alternate in forces as it stimulated his sensation to registered the pleasuring pattern.

Of course, as a senior and primary woman of Aster in breast fucking, she knew of the end result. The elation that Aster felt at that time when his cream splattered all over his face was without a doubt a fuel for greater waves of lust. She was an open-minded guide towards her junior that wanted to awaken the lustful beast inside their lover.

"Hehe! Can't wait to see what Aster's face would be? The perfect addition to his many faces and reactions book to the sorority." Kamryn had a challenging glint as glanced towards the long-aroused Aster after hearing their conversation. Her meaty boobs followed suit with Eve's movement as alternation of their individual boob's press towards him became a great delight to the senses.

Their other swimwear covering their pussies was long wet and needing attention but their greater ero character prevailed in favor of satiating their lack of knowledge first.

His dick became the extension of his thoughts and curiosity as it was clearly readying itself for another round of cumming. They felt how his dick got hotter and hotter and they grinned from anticipating what was about to happen next.

Aster eventually climaxed as the ejection of his semen came unhindered. Kamryn and even Eve were surprised by how strong the outburst was. As expected, they splattered and showered into their gorgeous bods.

Their boobs mostly became the focus part of the pullback of gravity as the majority of the cream splashed over it as it went back down. That was only the first wave as his dick let out some after eruptions that followed suit in quick fashion after the first one.

The whole process was quick but the duo could clearly see it happen. This explained to them how they somehow feel double pleasure every time they climaxed with him. There were even times that the splurge inside them reached three times and meant that his climax at that time was split into three parts.

Aster was not too engrossed in the function and mechanism of his climax but instead focused on the beauty of his goddess-like lovers as they showered in his jizz. In his opinion, the very stunning image would not lose out to the grandness of Plum's ass as it dripped out after her anal virginity was taken.

The two beauties were also finding enchantment in the cum that drenched them that they failed to look at how marveled Aster is towards them.

Eve licked her lips again and proceeded to taste the milk of their man that bathed their milk-making breasts. Kamryn followed suit and licked clean the sticky cream that drenched her partner's relatively little bun.

The view of them licking each other clean was like a catalyst that completed the successive acts of enticement and seduction that would fire Aster's sexual prowess overnight.

His dick had no time to limp and rest as the true pool party is about to begin. The clearness of the pool water was brought about by the illusion of the moon reflecting its light on the water surface. The perfect circular shape of the moon in the reflection might just get disrupted by the next sexual escapade that he planned for them to do next.


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