Lust Exchange System
80 Drop Announcement....
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Lust Exchange System
Author :NyDarKKen
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80 Drop Announcement....

Anyway, thanks for the continued support until now....

Truth to be told, I have long wanted to stop posting this novel. I have read a lot of comments on how bad it is from the start and my pacing of things are really wrong. I even specifically told a lot of you that it is trash from the beginning but the negative comments jist kept coming.

The whole point of me sacrificing my whole freaking exposure by saying it is trash and putting Hiatus was to reign the toxicity of WN comments. Maybe, I am a freaking hypocrite because I ask for others feedback but somewhat don't like it when it comes to bad ones. Especially bad ones that are plain misunderstanding on their parts and also their freaking impatience.

The whole posting of my novel in other sites has now been trash to me but they are also an integral reason for all of this happening.

A day from now, I will delete my content before I could even get to the entire finale of Volume 1: Trial Week because of my salty atittude towards a reader acting smart.

One thing does not connect to the other and I only continued until now due to some of the encouraging comments here. Thus, the whole volume 1 sucks due to the very reason that it is my first serious write.


I should have never posted my first novel anywhere but there are still good points with getting feedback and I get to realize some mistake I made. But your entire points in most of your comments piss me off.

I wanted to stop posting this since the discontinuity of my story was bugging out another reader. But your spam of comments in the latest chapters and this review just made me realize that not only the dicontinuity but also the whole story and progress of the whole thing is wrong.

The whole morals and stuff in a smut novel is supposed to be an original move for me. From being apathetic, manipulative, and mostly murderous on the inside, the system about lust grows his morality.

You also seem to take into offense why there is no story progression and too much redundancy. Why does he stay too much focus on four girls and a littel story?

But keep in mind that the whole first volume is entitled trial week. How in the heck would he go in a woman spree and undergo major plot points within a weak. It just makes you look impatient in my point of view. Yes, I did get redundant but I am trying to progress. Things were about to get more fast pace in the second volume but I guess you know how to write great novels that increase harem member count within a week. Four is what he currently has because for is what is a barely acceptable number in harem count within one week.

What did you want to make him grow his army of women within one week? Come on, I may write fantasy but I know how to bound it within a teensy bit of logical reality.

I would have taken you for an expert but can you show me a story you wrote in which is read-worthy and convoluted in the entire first week of its start.

To conclude, I just wanted to vent my frustrations on your feedbacks despite their correctness. I also want you to know that even if you might mean well, you are the last catalyst for me dropping the novel. The whole thing would be dropped and the entire succeeding volumes would just b kept to myself.


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