Mages Are Too OP
393 Unfortunate Mages
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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393 Unfortunate Mages

"From what I've heard, that sword seems to be something incredible. Why didn't you draw it out?" Roland asked curiously. "Isn't it every Warrior's dream to carry a marvelous weapon?"

Hawk said with a bitter smile, "I had reported it to the guild and hoped that someone would team up with us to draw that sword out, as the places where swords are sealed are mostly guarded by powerful creatures. But my guild is gone now."

Hawk was clearly at a loss. He seemed to have lost his purpose and his ambitions.

He looked like a totally different person from the "madman" who destroyed a small nobody family at the cost of infinite deaths.

Roland sympathized with him.

He knew that Hawk had been a member of Silver Wings since his freshman year in college, and that he had always been a member of that guild in every game. Seven years had passed. How many seven years could a person have in his own life?

"Actually, I don't think you need to go to other countries." Roland shook his head and said, "Schuck and I talk a lot about the game in reality. You should know that he's in Fareins almost all the time. According to him, Hollevin is among the weakest countries in this world. The average performance of the professionals in this country can be much lower than that in other countries."

Hawk couldn't help but ask, "How wide is the gap?"

"Schuck said that he can defeat five Warriors of his level with similar equipment in Hollevin, but in Fareins, he can barely beat two. It must be noted that Saint Samurai is the top of the three OP classes. Things will definitely be harder for other classes."

"That's because he's not riding his dragon, right?" Link suddenly asked.

Roland shrugged and said, "Of course not. It would be too one-sided if he rode a dragon."

After a brief silence, Hawk asked, "You don't think we can make a living in other countries?"

"That's partly what I meant." Roland nodded. "More important, you can only speak the tongue of Hollevin, can't you? If you go to another country, there will be a couple of months when you can't talk to anyone. Are you sure you can deal with that?"

Both of them were deeply chilled.

They remembered the time when they just entered this game. They didn't speak the language and couldn't afford their food. They starved many times. Though as level-five Warriors they could keep themselves fed by hunting now, they would rather not experience the helplessness in communication anymore.

"So, you might as well stay in Hollevin." Roland thought for a moment and said, "The docks have been left unattended, but because of me, nobody has claimed them yet. Why don't you just take them over? It was you who built them anyway."

Hawk and Link looked at each other. They were fully aware of the value of the docks. Though the waterborne logistics system of Silver Wings was never established, they could still make a huge profit through the docks.

"You're willing to give the docks to us?"

Hawk didn't say "return the docks to us." Although it was them who built the docks, too many things had happened since then, and they weren't in a position to claim ownership of the docks anymore.

"Didn't you inform me of the nice sword in Bluewater Harbor?" Roland smiled and said, "Friends should help each other, right?"

Hawk was rather tempted. He did infinite work to build the docks. He was definitely reluctant to let them go.

However, he knew that it was barely possible to reclaim them. He was only back to Delpon to look at the places where he strove for the last time.

Little did he expect that Roland would give him the docks for free.

Thinking for a long time, Hawk said in appreciation, "Okay, got it. Half of the profits of the docks will go to your Magic Tower."

"That's unnecessary…" Roland was about to say that he wasn't short of money.

But seeing how solemn Hawk was, Roland stopped convincing him and said, "Vincent has been helping with the management of the docks. You can talk to him. He's on the third floor."

"Okay." Hawk stood up.

Link immediately stood up too.

Roland continued analyzing his spells. He had already finished Enlivening.

During his research, Roland found that the success of this spell was highly dependent on luck. It was up to the age of the tree, its luck, and Roland's own luck whether or not the tree could be enlivened to be a treant.

Roland had actually hit the jackpot when he successfully enlivened them three times in his first three attempts. He never made it again in the following half-year, as if the three previous successes had drained his luck.

However, just because the trees weren't enlivened didn't mean that his casting failed.

Having been a Mage for a long time, Roland was well aware of the difference between a successful spellcasting and the achievement of his purpose.

For example, one could successfully cast a fireball but fail to blow up the enemy. It didn't mean that the spellcasting was unsuccessful; it was just that his purpose was not achieved.

Roland reached out to Solisa on the forum and delivered the new spell model to her.

Very soon, Solisa sent the rest of the payment. Then she sent a picture of herself with an old treant at least four meters tall with gray leaves behind her. The treant was holding a long dry branch that had a silver lantern at the end of it.

She succeeded after one try? Also, it seemed to be a Tree of Wisdom. She was really lucky!

Elven Summoner was indeed a remarkable class.

Roland couldn't help but look at his "Hybrid" specialization. Reading the description of "Elven Summoner" on the list, he knew that he could transform into that class without the sap of the world tree.

Also, the Summoner was one of the three officially-approved OP classes.

It must have a lot of powerful features.

But the problem was that Roland's Class growth was only five points, which was too low. Had he known this class earlier, he would've added his stats points to Intelligence and Charm, in which case he could cast powerful spells and evoke hundreds of summoned creatures around him. Who could possibly kill him?

But he didn't know that earlier.

Roland considered a moment and felt that he should pick a hidden class.

A pure Mage was indeed powerful, but relatively unremarkable. If he intended to improve his mobility, Arcane Windrunner would be an excellent class. Also, as a hidden class, Roland didn't think that it would be any worse than Elven Summoner.

Then, he pinged Betta in the guild system and asked, "I'm told that you're close to the elves. Can you reach out to Ans again? There's something I need to talk to him about."


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