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Billionaire's Mail-Order Sex Mate

Billionaire's Mail-Order Sex Mate


Kiss Leilani

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Billionaire's Mail-Order Sex Mate






Billionaire's Mail-Order Sex Mate

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Raniella Gomez is a successful career woman with a no-nonsense, uptight personality who has no interest whatsoever in dating or marriage. With her dog, always at home to greet her after a long day, she is perfectly fine with her life. But her mother doesn't think so. Always disturbing her and matchmaking her with 'eligible' men. So, Raniella invented a fictional man she tells her family she's in a serious relationship with, and because of this, her mother stays off her back. All is well. Until, her younger sister announced her wedding to the family and expects her lovely sister to; attend dinner at their family house with her 'man', spend the weekend in their home with her 'man' and attend her wedding with her 'man'. Raniella is in a crossword now. Her mother is very excited too. There's no man, but she can't come out with that, knowing her family very well. How does she get out of this one? Where will she get a man she's in a serious relationship with when the man doesn't even exist? What will she do? Then, Yenna came up with what she thought was the perfect solution for her uptight best friend slash employer, going straight behind her back because she knows Raniella Gomez will never agree with her plan!