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Fate Of The Outcast Omega

Fate Of The Outcast Omega


Chocolate Cheeks

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Fate Of The Outcast Omega






Fate Of The Outcast Omega

Rating: 6.0/10 from 120 ratings

"I, Damon Moreno, Trueblood alpha of the Red Glacier Pack, reject Natalie Lynox as my mate." Damon declared. "I hereby take Ciel Lynox as my eternal mate." He continued as he smirked darkly with an evil glint in his forest green orbs at the smaller male. Ciel gulped. +++ Ciel thought he had his life well planned out for him after he graduated from the most prestigious fashion school in England. He planned to have kids with his intended mate as soon as he wrapped up college and everything was going smoothly for him until he goes home to New York for his sister's marriage ceremony where his life spirals down completely after his sister's intended mate, Damon, permanently marks him as his mate forever, much to his detriment. Subsequent to a series of incidents, Ciel starts living with Damon as he tries to unravel the reason behind Damon's evil demeanor toward his family and him. But as Ciel gets to know Damon, he begins to question himself. Is Damon really the bad guy?