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For the Love of A Vampire : BOOK 2

For the Love of A Vampire : BOOK 2


Shaniqua Hill

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For the Love of A Vampire : BOOK 2






For the Love of A Vampire : BOOK 2

Rating: 6.0/10 from 15 ratings

Teya never realized how much she would miss the pleasures of having a normal life. From lifestyle changes to relationship altering circumstances to an army of nocturnal, blood-lusting New Breeds trying to sink their teeth into her flesh, Teya needs more help than what she thinks. As her love for Ken grows, she becomes desperate for her fight for normality and begins to search for it. This leads to some interesting finds... Meanwhile, her lover, Ken, is trying to adjust to his new life as well. With the darkness of his vampiric ancestry coursing through his mind and body, he is fighting barbaric nature in order to stay sane. With the threat of the New Breeds lurking, he will need assistance from his father, Kenneth and the Leader of the Vampire Association, Markees, to bring the fight to the New Breeds. Ken, in a blood rage, embarks on a search for the one thing he wants. To kill the one who turned him into this God forsaking Vampire. Author: Shaniqua Hill Publisher: EasyReading