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Home Again

Home Again


Samantha Ely

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Home Again






Home Again

Rating: 6.0/10 from 41 ratings

You have read her parent's story, now its time for her to tell her own. Ivy Bellandini is the oldest daughter of Capo Vincent Bellandini. She has spent her life trying to live up to what her father would want in the next Capo but her twin brother is next in line according to the old ways even though she believes she is tougher than him and every other man in the family except her father. Max Ricci was sent away to Italy at the age of 16 for training. Before he left, he had fallen for the wrong girl... At least in most people's eyes. Spending his days training to be the best assassin in the family and his nights thinking about her, hoping one day to see her again, he ends up turning into someone he doesn't recognize. Will Ivy be able to? This is the 3rd book in the Taking Her Home Series. Can be read as a stand alone. Author: Samantha Ely Publisher: EasyReading