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I Don’t Want To Be An Wingman

I Don’t Want To Be An Wingman



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I Don’t Want To Be An Wingman






I Don’t Want To Be An Wingman

Rating: 6.0/10 from 226 ratings

I was reincarnated as the supporting character of a novel. <br> <br>As a wingwoman in a depressing romance novel titled at that. Romance is out of the question, and the future of my family is ominous because of debt. <br> <br>I was going to become a civil servant to gain some of the splendor I never got in my last life…but the male love interests are acting kind of strange?! <br> <br>“Just think about it, does Shushu look like someone who would blush and act shy?” <br> <br>“Wow…….that would be great.” Cory said as he stared at Hylli in a daze, and Yves frowned and whispered to himself. <br> <br>“Should I just kidnap her…….” <br> <br>Swan wrapped his face with both of his hands and stayed quiet. His face turned bright red. The blush turned his ears red. <br> <br>Why are you guys fooling around, you’re supposed to be obsessing over the heroine. <br> <br>The story of Shuraina West, Shushu’s reverse harem academy survival.