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My Bossy CEO Daddy

My Bossy CEO Daddy



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My Bossy CEO Daddy






My Bossy CEO Daddy

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She lay on the bed of the mysterious and honorable man because of a scheme. It was absurd all night and then she fled. After ten months' pregnancy, everyone said that Xiao Baozi was a bastard whose father was unknown. "I'm not a bastard! The best man in the world is my father!" Everyone said this bastard was crazy, he just asked for the moon! Until one day, the distinguished and proud man really appeared in public and said: "No one can bully my son and his mom!" It was just ... Since Daddy appeared, he could always hear his mom's cry from the next room all night. What was going on? It was rumored that Yu Shaoqian was decisive and ruthless, but he doted on his child's mom. He was cold and indifferent by nature, never willing to believe anyone, but only willing to leave his back to his child's mom.

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