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Once Abused, Now Loved

Once Abused, Now Loved



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Once Abused, Now Loved






Once Abused, Now Loved

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BLURB: All Hara wanted was to raise her unborn child away from her abusive - cheating mate, Roland. The Red Cross pack was the strongest pack in the werewolf kingdom, and Hara had chosen it as her safe haven. She becomes a waitress in a bar and it was as normal as any random job, not until she meets Ryder, the Alpha of the Red Cross pack and the owner of the bar. Upon seeing the pregnant Hara who was also his fated mate, he immediately falls in love with her. Hara was caught in a dilemma. No matter how she thought about it, the twisted situation she was in wouldn't end right. Not when her heart seemed to be longing for the alluring stranger who claims to be her fated mate. Not when Roland was back, and asking for a second chance. And certainly not when she realizes that there were so many secrets yet untold. Would she be strong enough to make the right decisions? Would she go back to the man she once loved, or would she stay with the man who loves her? Join Hara on her twisted journey to finding happiness. ********************************* Having him so close was all it took to break my resolve and make me yearning anew for him. His hands possessively wrapped around my waist brings me crushing into him. I looked up and our foreheads caressed each other's. He shuts his eyes with a harsh growl that would have had any other werewolf weak in the knees. “If you leave, if you leave, Hara-“ I see he's struggling to get the words out. I cupped his face and gave him butterfly kisses. He sighs softly and continues, “If you leave, you take my heart with you, leaving me with nothing but grief and loneliness. My Wolf can't be apart from his mate, and I can't be apart from you,“ ”Ryder…“ “You're mine, Hara. From the moment I set my eyes on you, I knew it. And every single time I fucked you shitless, that was me, leaving a statement that You're mine, only mine…“