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One Night Child

One Night Child


Lili Drea*

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One Night Child






One Night Child

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"Strip naked." He commands with an authoritative seductive voice. "Huh! Why?" I asked because his outburst is surprising. "Just..." His voice trailed, as he made his way closer to me. "I want to see you naked." He whispers. I swallowed my saliva hard, as I made my way further inside the suite. Summoning up the courage, I unzip my reg gown, while allowing the gown to freely flow down until it touches the floor. He smirks devilishly at me "Touch yourself." He commands. **** Cornelia Jamarreon is a young lady who is diagnosed with stage three cancer. All that she ever wanted was to at least get married before her time on earth became over. On her birthday, her boyfriend broke up with her, leaving her to be so devastated that she ended up having a one-night stand with a stranger she knew nothing about. She woke up the next morning, only to find out that he stole her most precious jewelry. 'Did I give my virginity to a thief?' She had asked herself. "What would happen when Cornelia finally finds her Mister handsome? Will his family members accept her and her son?" "Will Cornelia live happily ever after, or will her cancer kill her?" Find out.....