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Rejecting the Alpha

Rejecting the Alpha


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Rejecting the Alpha






Rejecting the Alpha

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“To get his inheritance, he is to marry a woman of my choosing.” A sentence that Corni did not expect, would involve him getting wed to a human. A stubborn, wild and insufferable woman. As the alpha of his pack, it is his job to find a mate and settle down while taking over the company, after his father’s death. Having to marry a human, however was something he never expected. Forced to marry the son of wealthy man, in return of taking over the company after her mother retires, Luna finds herself stuck with a man who annoys her very being. His manner of him, to his stiff and upright attitude makes her want to chuck him over the head, but she loves money more than her temperamental mother and her insufferable fiancé. Two people- opposites in every way, joined in wedlock, would rather be at opposite ends of the world than with each other. Yet, there is the undeniable chemistry, passion that sizzles beneath the fury. And it begs to be taken, claimed, explored, consumed…