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Stripping for Alpha Stepbrother

Stripping for Alpha Stepbrother



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Stripping for Alpha Stepbrother






Stripping for Alpha Stepbrother

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I m ready to choke you, With my Hate, Or with my obsession, Now the choice is yours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'Guilt', something that kills everyone no matter from outside or inside, drives an insane game, starts with revenge and ends with endless obsession. "Tsk… Tsk.., Mate… where you are? ", a deep voice chuckles inside the darkness, watching his prey trying to run away for her life. He again asked, this time with a threat lingering inside his words," How can you run away from your own brother, my dear sister". Finishing his words, grabbing her tightly by her forearm," Where you think you are going, Pearl". In his hands, a fragile figure shivering for her life, she spoke with her all broken voice," No….Plea…see …brother". Don't do this, please. In a commanding voice, while tightening his grip," Strip for your brother, my dear Pearl." Hearing his command, Pearl shivered more while closing her eyes, knowing what was going to happen if she didn't comply with his commands.