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The Alpha’s Secret Miracle

The Alpha’s Secret Miracle



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The Alpha’s Secret Miracle






The Alpha’s Secret Miracle

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Charlie Dawn Black is the daughter of Alpha Luther Black. At seventeen years of age she has spent her entire life sheltered by her father who doesn’t allow Charlie to date or socialize with any pack members other then his closest Elite. Charlie’s mother died giving birth to her and as a result her father kept her close not wanting to risk ever losing Charlie. But instead of protecting her he ended up smothering her instead. Charlie cannot wait for her eighteenth birthday which is quickly approaching. She cannot wait to finally meet her wolf and is hoping she will find her destined mate and he will take her away to his pack so she can finally be free of her fathers smothering. Little does she know that her wolf, and mates won’t be the only gifts she receives for her eighteenth birthday. Charlie’s life will soon be changed from a boring life stuck in her pack house over guarded to a life of power, lust and adventure. Which Alpha will be chosen to mate with Luther’s precious miracle?

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