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The Case Of The Alpha

The Case Of The Alpha



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The Case Of The Alpha






The Case Of The Alpha

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Taylor Westlake, a girl who had experienced some of the worst pain a person could. Not only had she been kidnapped and attacked by one of the most wanted men out there, she lost her wolf before she had time to even meet her. She was determined to not let that man get away with hurting anyone else, he was going to pay for ever robbing what was rightfully hers. She trains her whole life and eventually becomes an alliance agent, where her sights are set on bringing the evil to justice but also, catching the guy that altered her life forever. That was until she's assigned a new case, the agent that was trained to show no emotion would freeze in the presence of the cruelest Alpha out there, her mate. She can't let this man distract her from hunting down the man that attacked her all those years ago, but her mate will stop at nothing until she wears his claim. Join them on her hardest case to date, The Case Of The Alpha. Author: Beth Venning Publisher:EasyReading